Monday 29th June 2020

Happy Monday!

Perseverance is paying off in this Corona Virus Pandemic, things are beginning to become safer and seem a little more normal thanks to all our hard work and perseverance. We have persevered well by social distancing, staying at home, having no visitors, not seeing our friends and family and now look what we have achieved.

I have been able to return to school, it’s not quite normal yet as I am not in the classroom with any children but I am here and Boris Johnson, the prime minister, is beginning to allow more children to return to school. So fingers crossed that it won’t be long until we all see each other again.

What are you looking forward to thanks to your perseverance? I really wanted to be back at South Otterington Primary School and that has now happened, it was worth the wait! Now I want to follow the government guidelines so that holidays abroad can go ahead again and that holidays in England can run normally, we can use swimming pools and cafes and have a lovely time this summer.

Have a look at the story on the PowerPoint that I have sent you and think about the perseverance that Savannah had to show.

Have a good week everyone,

Lots of Love from Ms Jenkinson x


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