Raising caterpillars and other larvae

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As you know from previous blogs, I love wildlife ( especially insects) and one of my favourite things to do in the spring and summer is to raise caterpillars and sometimes other larvae (baby insects). In 2018 I raised the caterpillars of a comma butterfly, a Red admiral butterfly, a Small tortoiseshell butterfly and a Buff ermine moth. All of these were successful and they also all fed on stinging nettles! This year in May 2019, I have a common...

The Wanderer (An Extract)

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Written by @sott blogger Descriptive writing. She sat up and stepped down onto the floor and picked up a leather satchel. Silence. Darkness. A dark shadow loomed over her. She looked wide-eyed and saw it. The demon. The demon from her nightmare. She ran. She ran with desperateness that she had never felt before. She darted. She swerved. She jumped. It felt like her body wasn’t hers anymore. Her legs were burning but she didn’t stop. She would NEVER stop. She raced through the trees and stopped, slid, stumbled; the path had...

Birds at South Otterington

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South Otterington is bird friendly! We welcome birds into the area by using delicious bird food. They have their very own feeding station outside earth class hung with nijer seed, fat balls, mixed seed and bird butter balls made by the children at forest school. There’s bird butter balls hung all around the school as well. In the pre-school garden there are seed feeders as well. I love twitching (bird watching) at home and school. At school I have...

The Choir

Category: BlogPost Date: 02/08/2019

Did you know that at South Otterington we have our very own choir? The choir consists of about 18 people-all from Year 5 and 6- we meet up every Tuesday to learn, sing and add actions to new songs! We sing seasonal songs such as Harvest or Christmas songs and have loads of fun! I am part of the choir myself and I can tell you this: It IS lots of fun. We are proud of ourselves for being...

The Muscle Dystrophy Charity

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On 28th of January, Stuart  from the Muscle Dystrophy charity came in to talk to us all about Muscular Dystrophy. Muscles are found all over the body and enable us to talk, smile, frown, eat or breathe. Muscles are connected by tendons that pull on our muscles and make them expand and contract. We can expand the size of our muscles by doing certain sports and physical movements like running or gymnastics. All of us have genes and this...

Lego at South Otterington!

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At South Otterington we love Lego! Each classroom has their very own box filled with all the bricks to let your imagination run WILD! You can build a range of things from fantasy towers to houses or pencils to a chocolate box. This toy is beloved by children across the country and millions of bricks are made every minute! I also love lego and-when I am at home-love building all sorts of things. I have lots of sets and...

Insects At South Otterington

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There is quite a lot of insects at south Otterington primary school. I for one should know because I have a great interest in them and spiders. First, let me tell you some things about them. The word insect comes from the latin word insect meaning cut into or segmented referring to the three main body parts of a true insect-the head, thorax and abdomen. Spiders are not insects- they only have two body parts and four pairs of legs. Instead of...

Sainsbury School Sports Hambleton tag rugby final

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On Tuesday 4th July a mixed team of girls and boys took part in the Hambleton Area Tag rugby competition at Thirsk School. It was a very wet evening and a special mention should go to Megan who not only managed to carry on playing with completely water blurred glasses but also scored some amazing tries! Well done to all the team who played fantastically well and came second overall and being denied a place in the North Yorkshire finals by only...

Small schools Yr 5/6 hockey tournament

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On 27th March 2017, three mixed teams from South Otterington took part in the Yr 5/6 Small schools hockey competition at Northallerton. The game play and attitude from all three teams was outstanding even when the teams had to face each other. Extremely well done for coming 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Its a shame that North Yorkshire no longer do a Sainsbury Competition for the 5/6s as they would have been very strong contenders for a North Yorkshire final.

Digital Leaders

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Some of our Year 4 children enjoyed a range of ‘digital’ activities at an event which was held at Catterick Leisure Centre this week. The Swaledale Alliance organised the day, which was  attended by a number of local schools. The children worked really well in their groups and were able to try some new resources, such as: Crumble Controllers; QR Readers; MagicTatts and Osmo Coding to name but a few.