Welcome to South Otterington Church of England Primary School

Our school was opened in 1993 by HRH Duchess of Kent.  It was built to replace the schools at Newby Wiske and Thornton-le-Moor. We are part of the Dales Academies Trust and more information can be found on the link to the website.

Our vision for the school is to create a learning environment which allows everyone associated to be able to:

‘Shine like stars in the universe’
Philippians 2:15

This vision provides a guiding light to the pupils, staff, Governors and parents to ensure we have a dynamic mix of high achievement for all, exceptional pastoral care and expansive opportunities for the children. We want our children to become the exemplary citizens of the future. We are a vibrant, happy, family orientated community where everyone really feels they can flourish and achieve anything to which they set their minds and hearts.

We know we are a very unique school and look forward to meeting you. Please contact our Admin team to come and visit us.

We look forward to meeting you,

Miss A E Gledhill

Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

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Miss Amanda Gledhill

Headteacher/Designated Safeguarding Lead

A poem written by a Y4 pupil at our school….

Have you ever heard about South Otterington
Where every day is happy and fun.
Where sadness and misery disappears,
You will hear sounds of joy in your ears.

For here is a school, an amazing one,
One where the children glow like the sun.
We say ‘Shine like stars in the universe’,
To come you don’t have money in your purse.

All the adults and teachers here are the best,
And yes we do have to do some tests.
I don’t know how they do it all,
But with them we’ll only rise, never fall.

We also have child leader too,
I’m very thankful for what they do.
Everything here is awesome and great,
We’re given good food on our plate.

So now you know about our school,
I think it is very cool.
If there was a context , we’d have won.
And now my friends, this poem is done!