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The Muscle Dystrophy Charity

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On 28th of January, Stuart  from the Muscle Dystrophy charity came in to talk to us all about Muscular Dystrophy. Muscles are found all over the body and enable us to talk, smile, frown, eat or breathe. Muscles are connected by tendons that pull on our muscles and make them expand and contract. We can expand the size of our muscles by doing certain sports and physical movements like running or gymnastics. All of us have genes and this...

Lego at South Otterington!

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At South Otterington we love Lego! Each classroom has their very own box filled with all the bricks to let your imagination run WILD! You can build a range of things from fantasy towers to houses or pencils to a chocolate box. This toy is beloved by children across the country and millions of bricks are made every minute! I also love lego and-when I am at home-love building all sorts of things. I have lots of sets and...

Insects At South Otterington

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There is quite a lot of insects at south Otterington primary school. I for one should know because I have a great interest in them and spiders. First, let me tell you some things about them. The word insect comes from the latin word insect meaning cut into or segmented referring to the three main body parts of a true insect-the head, thorax and abdomen. Spiders are not insects- they only have two body parts and four pairs of legs. Instead of...