Religious Education & Collective Worship

Our Religious Education is non-denominational and in accordance with North Yorkshire’s Agreed Syllabus.  Children may be withdrawn from assemblies and Religious Education lessons by special request and or teaching in their own faith.  We value our R.E. for the opportunities it provides to foster a sense of individual worth; an understanding of the spiritual dimension in life and some knowledge and respect for the multicultural nature of society. We are fully committed to our Christian Values to ensure our children will become exemplary citizens of the future.

Religious Education

Provision for religious education is separate from the rest of the National Curriculum. The County has organised and written its own Agreed Syllabus through the Standing Advisory Conference on Religious Education, which includes representatives of different religious communities in North Yorkshire.

The aims of the Agreed Syllabus are:

  • To develop the skills and attitudes for an exploration of religion.
  • To provide in particular an awareness of the nature and claims of the Christian religion and of the part which it has played in shaping the cultural and social life of Britain.
  • To help children to identify those areas of human life and experience in which religion plays a significant part, i.e. joy, sadness, awe, wonder, mystery, etc.
  • Through the study of other major world faiths we aim to encourage in the children attitudes of openness and sensitivity towards people whose religious beliefs and customs may be different from their own. The whole school studies a different world faith each year.
  • With other areas of the curriculum, to contribute towards the children’s moral development.

Parents have the right to withdraw their child from religious education and collective worship as indicated in the 1988 Education Reform Act.  A written request should be made to the Headteacher.