Monday 9th July 2020

Here we are having reached the final week of the school year. We have persevered through a time at or indeed not at school that has been sometimes strange, sometimes scary, boring, stressful, peaceful, productive, and sometimes something else entirely! But we have made it through the school year and in September we will all be back together again. We will need to continue to persevere with many changes in our home and school lives but I think we have mastered change now and it will not seem so strange.

School will be a bit different from how we remember it when we all return. Bubbles rather than classes, new teachers, timetables for breaks and lunches to name but a few. I know that at South Otterington we will persevere and make a massive success of our time at school even if it is a bit different.

Have a good week everyone.

Love from Ms Jenkinson xx