The children from Thornton-le-Moor and Thornton-le-Beans, aged five or older will be transported to the school free of charge by the County Council.   A taxi is provided for children from Kirby Wiske and Newsham. The fee for four year olds to use the bus or taxi is currently £380.00 for the year (this amount must be paid at the beginning of the academic school year either in one lump sum or nine monthly direct debit instalments). An annual increase is usually made in September.

Children from Maunby may come to school on the school bus, which leaves Maunby at approximately 8.15 a.m.  Again a fee of £380.00 for the year is charged. This bus is primarily for the transport of secondary children into Northallerton.  Primary children may only use this transport if there is room.  Maunby parents must provide their own transport home for their children.  Details of transport arrangements can be obtained from North Yorkshire County Council, Education Transport – Tel: 0845 8727374.