Our HISTORY Curriculum

We use the National Curriculum alongside our vision to ensure we offer a dynamic mix of expansive curriculum opportunities for the children and  high achievement for all. We want our children to become the exemplary citizens of the future.

Each curriculum page follows the same format for you to be able to view the Teaching and Learning in our school.

Please click here to view our Progression of Knowledge document for History to explain how our Teaching and Learning flows from EYFS to Y6

Please click here to view The South Otterington Intent , Implementation and Impact Curriculum Overview

Please click here to view SOtt Curriculum Long Term

To see our associated progression document please see the links below.

Progression of Knowledge Curriculum Document EYFS and KS1 2022-2024

Progression of Knowledge Curriculum Document KS2 2022-2024

To see our associated policy documents please see the link below:
History Policy

Here are examples of our Knowledge Organisers.

Please see our Class Page for the Knowledge Organisers for this  term.