‘Shine like stars in the universe’ 

Philippians 2;15

Our vision provides a guiding light to the pupils, staff, Governors and parents to ensure we have a dynamic mix of high achievement for all, exceptional pastoral care and expansive opportunities for the children. We want our children to become the exemplary citizens of the future. We are a vibrant, happy, family orientated community where everyone really feels they can flourish and  achieve anything to which they set their hearts and minds.


Our History Curriculum is based on the National Curriculum and is delivered through the KAPOW scheme unit planning. Geography is taught for half of each term using the mixed age planning units. Teachers carefully adapt lesson plans to differentiate between year groups. This means that Year 2, 4 and 6 access extension work and build on the previous year’s disciplinary knowledge. Assessment is ongoing and end of unit quizzes are used to ensure children have learned key knowledge within the unit. These are then revisited after a period of time to ensure children remember key knowledge from previously taught units.

Our Curriculum Leader: Jude Fortune
Our Curriculum Governor: Tom Hanson

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History Overview

History Progression document

Vocabulary Progression from EYFS to Y6

History Policy

Enriching our curriculum in 2024 – 2025
Summer 2024History
  • Visit from Northallerton Secondary school History teacher
  • Visit to Eden Camp for Y5/6 (Impact of WW2)
Autumn 2024History
  • Visit to Beamish for Y1/2 (How children’s lives have changed)
  • Visit to Ripon Workhouse Museum (How children’s lives have changed)
Spring 2025History
  • Visit from Thirsk Secondary school History teacher
  • Visit from York St John Lecturer

South Otterington CE Primary School is strongly committed to using the Ethical Leadership Framework to create and uphold an ethos that stresses high achievement, equal opportunities, the valuing of cultural diversity, the provision of a secure environment, partnerships with parents and the wider community.