The South Otterington Intent, Implementation and Impact Curriculum Overview

SOtt Curriculum Long Term

Opportunities are provided for all children to develop their physical skills as far as possible.  We aim to help each child to use his/her body to the full, developing balance, control, expression and awareness through educational gymnastics, dance and drama activities.  Parents are asked to provide the following items for indoor activities:- shorts, T-shirt and plimsolls or trainers.  Individual and team games are encouraged.  For safety reasons, our local authority have issued guidelines stating that earrings should not be worn during P.E.

All children participate in sport.  Through sport, the school aims to develop in children a sense of teamwork and ‘fair play’, and also to introduce them to the benefits of healthy outdoor physical activity.  Whilst pupils will be encouraged to perform to the best of their ability, the satisfaction from playing well will also be stressed. Pupils are introduced to a variety of team games: football, cricket, rounders, netball, hockey etc. during years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Two hours a week are given over to sport/physical education.  In addition, matches are arranged with local schools during school hours.  Transport to away matches is usually undertaken by willing and suitably insured parents in their own cars.


Winter Kit:    Black Shorts, White T-shirt, trainers/football boots, and a tracksuit or similar for cold weather

Summer Kit:   Black Shorts and  White T-shirt, trainers


The school has a playground which is marked out for Netball.  The playing field allows us to play games of 6-a-side Football, Tag Rugby, Rounders and teach athletic skills.  If parents have particular skills in sport, we are keen to use their expertise in developing children’s activities.  If you would like to offer your services either during the school day or after school please contact the Headteacher.