Insects At South Otterington

There is quite a lot of insects at south Otterington primary school. I for one should know because I have a great interest in them and spiders.

First, let me tell you some things about them.

  1. The word insect comes from the latin word insect meaning cut into or segmented referring to the three main body parts of a true insect-the head, thorax and abdomen.
  2. Spiders are not insects- they only have two body parts and four pairs of legs. Instead of antennae they have fang-bearing jaws called chelicerae.
  3.  A Myriapod is the name given to centipedes and miilipedes. A millipede has two pairs of legs per segment and a centipede only one pair per segment.

My bug hunting team and I have found the majority of insects to be found in north Yorkshire in the school playground!

Here are some pictures of the most common insects and spiders to be found at south Otterington CofE primary school.

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