The Wanderer (An Extract)

Written by @sott blogger

Descriptive writing.

She sat up and stepped down onto the floor and picked up a leather satchel.



A dark shadow loomed over her. She looked wide-eyed and saw it. The demon. The demon from her nightmare.

She ran.

She ran with desperateness that she had never felt before.

She darted.

She swerved.

She jumped.

It felt like her body wasn’t hers anymore.

Her legs were burning but she didn’t stop. She would NEVER stop.

She raced through the trees and stopped, slid, stumbled; the path had ended.

“Jump” her brain was saying.

“Jump” her heart was saying.

“Jump” her legs were saying.

She jumped. And ran. The demons weren’t going to get her.

She. Would. Survive.

Her legs ran. She ran. To safety. Or so she thought…

She looked behind her.


She froze.


She gasped for breath.


She climbed up off the rock and saw a large temple standing proud in the sunset.

She decided that this was the safest place to be.

She didn’t know what was coming, climbing up the steps, still stunned.

She walked through the doorway.




Was this the end?

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